sexta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2009


January 25th is the day Sampa gets to 455 years old!
Today, São Paulo is the business, financial and industrial centre of Brazil, accounting for 30-40% of the gross domestic product of the country. It is the largest city in South America and with a population in excess of 17 million people, São Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world.
Everyone should come here and enjoy what our country has in best!
Immerse yourself in Sampa for five minutes, and you´ll see why it´s like no other place on earth.
Only here you will find all of America´s best attributes - the diversity, the culture, the tyle- intensified in such an intriguing way. Only here you will experience those sublimes moments that Sampa is famous for....

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Priscila Conte disse...

vera, seu blog em inglês também é muito interessante!
os seus alunos o frequentam?


Oi Vera!
Então somos as "mais novas" do grupo? Que legal, não?
nós as velhinhas somos também as mais novinhas , hahahahah
Com certeza vamos ser grandes companheiras!
Há... teu blog é muito legal.
Parabéns! Só não entendo nadica denada de ingles.
Passe láno meu blog , ok?

krika disse...

"Olá, visitamos seu blog e gostamos muito, desta forma, te presenteiamos com um selo... passa lá no blog( ) na postagem do dia 26/01/2009 e receba seu prêmio. Abraços!

Despertar disse...

Hello Vera,
I've met a link to your blog on Jornal Virtual-Profissão Mestre, and decided to visit it. I'm a teacher of English, as I suppose you are and I was atracted to the question of this post. I live in João Pessoa, the greenest city of the Americas, and I am always thinking to myself: how can people live, and like to live, in such a city like São Paulo? You have answered me, although I can't imagine me driving on that avenues full of car. I'd get crazy.
Congratulations for your blog.